My deepest gratitude...




My first expression as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Foot and Ankle is one of deep gratitude for the opportunity that is being given to me by the Editor Emeritus and now President of ABTPé, Prof. Dr. Alexandre Leme Godoy-Santos and our colleagues from the board of Associate Editors who elevated me to this position. My gratitude also extends to ABTPé, which, through successive directorships, has been providing support and encouragement to the maintenance and growth of our journal.

The task we undertake is challenging and immense—it depends on everyone's participation, from the most renowned professional who allows himself to publish with us to the most novice student who aspires, one day, to have his name written on our pages so that his ideas can be known to everyone. It depends on the altruism and tenacity of authors, reviewers, translators, correctors, layout designers, and technical editors to achieve the desired indexing. We have already been much further from achieving this goal than we are now, but we still have a long way to go! Let's accomplish this together.

In addition to a new system for submitting and evaluating articles, more in line with the major international scientific journals, we will include in each issue review articles whose main virtue will be to update professionals who are working daily and instruct young doctors who are still preparing to participate in this toil.

I urge everyone to read, disseminate, discuss, criticize, and share the learning we bring to our pages with your colleagues, residents, and students. We will consolidate the position of the Journal of the Foot and Ankle as a viable and practical alternative for disseminating your research.

Welcome...we need everyone's help!




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