Plantar forefoot pain due to vascular leiomyoma

a case report




Leiomyoma, Angiomyoma, Forefoot, human, Pain


The diagnosis of plantar forefoot pain is very extensive. Plantar pain in the forefoot usually occurs due to mechanical aetiologies such as metatarsalgia, stress fractures and nerve damage. Tumours are a rare cause of plantar pain in the forefoot. We report the case of a patient with chronic pain in the plantar region of the forefoot due to a vascular leiomyoma. Level of Evidence V; Diagnostic Studies; Expert Opinion.



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Prado Pereira, T. A., de Lima, E., Lompa, P. A., & Maineri, M. de O. (2018). Plantar forefoot pain due to vascular leiomyoma: a case report. Scientific Journal of the Foot & Ankle, 12(4), 338–41.